Poem -

The right words to say

The right words to say

I think that almost every one of us has a certain ability
To look at someone's face for the first time
And tell if that person is going through a tough time and if they are happy or sad

They say that a picture paints a thousand words
And we all that, that saying is true
But I think that a person’s face
 carries a thousand stories too

This is the story about how I met the girl I love
The first time that I saw her and talk to her
I was coming home from work
On a very cool and mild Friday afternoon

 when I saw this girl standing on the bus stop
Immediately I knew she was worried about something, her face looked sad
And I as drove to the ShopRite grocery
I kept thinking of her as I parked in the parking lot

She was standing in front of a pizza shop
And I could've told that was from New York
She looks so sad and distant standing there
she looked to be very simple but she was so pretty

So, I decided to drive back again
Just to see if she was still there
And she was still standing there
With her cute face and bushy auburn hair

The pictures of every menu on the display
Looks so delicious on the Window
And the way that she kept looking at the pictures in the window
I can tell that she was hungry and, in her face, it shows

People were passing by as she was standing there
But life is what it is today
The frustration of today's life has people mind so occupied
So, everyone just minds their own business

Meanwhile inside the restaurant
There are so many leftovers on the table
The waitress carries the dishes in the back
while some patrons are looking at basketball on time warner cable

My car has stopped at the traffic light
On the corner of forest avenue and victory
And as I glance around I notice her
And I can tell that she notices me too

I keep looking at her and forget about the traffic lights
And the guy in the back of me started honking his horn
So, I drove off, after yelling at him to wait
But I kept thinking of her while I was driving

So, I turn the car around and came back down the block
And she was still standing on the sidewalk
 I park to the corner of the next street
And walk back to the restaurant
And stood next to her and started to talk

I didn’t want to just come out and talk to her
So, I had to start a conversation that would lead to getting her talking to me
So, I said to her, hi, how are you?
I think I saw you today at the home depot

Did you get the vacuum that you were looking for?
She " Oh no, I think you are mistaken"
So, I said " then you must have a twin sister
Then she smiles and started blushing a little

Then I look at the menu on the window and said “have you ever tried their pizza
She said “no, I have not and she was silent again
So, I said "me too" not familiar with the foods here and I'm hungry so I said " would like to join me

Hope you don’t me asking you
But I can't eat a whole pie by myself
I have to lie to her, just to get the right words to invite her into the restaurant with me

I then told her “I hope you don’t mind me asking you this
But since you never try the food here
And I never tried the food here
Would you like to join me to share a pizza?

She was surprised I ask her that
And though she was hungry, she had her pride and dignity
She said “no its ok, I'm fine,
So, I said “look it's just to share a pizza
And if you join me, I will promise not to tell you, that you are pretty

She then started to laugh, when I said that
Then I said “see I made you smile, so that’s a good sign
Then she ok “I will join you “but first tell me your name,
So, I told her my name is Kaz ishmael and she told me her name
 and then we went in and ordered a pizza and two ice tea

And we when started talking, we hit it off right way " like if we knew each other for a long time
And while we ate, and sip the tea, we become more relax and comfortable with each other
And started to ask about each other's life

She came to New York from North Carolina
To work in a company in Manhattan
And then after a year, the company close down and move to China
And for the past six months, she has been living on her saving and now she just has enough money for a ticket back to North Carolina.

She had two more weeks in her apartment
And then she was leaving on a united airlines plane
She's was going back to her childhood hometown
And then decide what she's going to do next

Sometimes in life, things can go wrong
And we all know that sometimes it will
And then the flat roads that you are accustomed to walking on
Will suddenly seems like a steep hill

And sometimes it can bring us down
And leave us to feeling so empty
When we know that we have to face the reality of it all
And we can't change what the situation really is

I wanted to see more of her, cause my heart really took to her
And just knowing that she was here in the big apple alone
Without any family or friends
I felt like if God sent me to her today, to be her friend

So, I ask her if she would like to go for dinner tonight
And she said yes and I pick her up at nine pm
And then we went out every night after for the next two weeks
Until it’s time for her to take the plane

I was in love with her after the second night we went out
And I can tell that she was in love with me too
But I was always shy of any relationships
So, I could not find the courage to tell her " tom stay how I love you"

And as I didn't tell her,
that I have all these feelings for her
Then she didn’t know how I felt
so, she thought that the love she felt was a one-sided love
So, she didn't tell me that she had fallen in love with me too

I ask her to take her to the airport
But she said that had already made arrangements for a cab,
So, we hug as friends and time takes its part between us

Its been two months now, since she went on that plane
And I couldn't stop thinking of her
It was like she had become a permanent picture hanging in my brain

I wanted to go to her and tell her how I feel
Because although I was afraid of treading on love's unknown territory
I was more afraid now, of not being able to live without her

But I didn't ask her for her address
So, I had no idea where to begin to find her
So, my days and nights and my life
Had become somewhat dark and gloomy and to a certain extent pointless

And I would also wonder if she was thinking of me also
And if she misses me too
And I would hope and wish that she would come back, but I knew that that was just wishful thinking

The weather forecast said there was a thunderstorm in New York City
And they said that it would be a very severe storm at times
So, I did what I had to do early that day
And I was tired, so I fell asleep watching Netflix

The wind outside was roaring like a lion
And the thunder was crashing like the distant sounds of drums
And the lightning was lighting up the dark night
It was a terrible night for anyone to be out

My eyes were awakened by the banging on the door
And at first, I thought it was the wind that was rattling the doors and windows
So, I went to downstairs and there was still banging on the door and as I open the door
 there she was trembling and cold and soaking wet

And as come in the doorway, she fell into my arms
my heart started to beat with shock and also the excitement of her being here
I brought her inside and said " Omg, I don’t believe it, what are you doing here and in this bad weather

And then she said " I love you "
And have thought of you every second since I left New York
And she now had to come back and let you know
And then we kiss, we kiss and we kiss and we kiss
And Said " I love you too" in fact" I love you three" and she started to laugh and forgetting that her clothes were soaking wet

I then tell her to come into the bedroom and get out of those wet clothes
And I give her some towels and one of my t-shirts and sweatpants
And I went out the door

She came out and sit on the sofa next to me
And we didn't have time to say a word
We were kissing and doing what both of us wanted to do for a long time in our hearts
But was too shy or too coward to say

It's a beautiful morning today, the sun is coming through the bay windows
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air
She leans on me as I kiss her neck and her ear
As my hands go around her waist
And I can feel the life she carries inside of her move
And she turns to me and said " did you feel that " he moves, he just kicked"

Pictures of our wedding and honeymoon hang on the walls
We met by chance that day and we got lost
Today love has made us one
Love has brought us where our hearts belong
Love has made us strong
As we await our first child to be born


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