Poem -

The Runny noses

The Runny noses

In between the hollyhocks,
beneath yon row of peony roses
there dwells Mrs. Snuffoculus & her large family of runny noses

I know what you will be thinking as you picture this in your mind,
people with snotty nasal snouts constantly running of a kind

Well then you would be completely wrong infact that couldn’t be further from the truth
You see these are friendly, furry creatures with only one massive front tooth

Tho the strange thing is you cannot see the tooth, it is behind the runny nose
Actually the only way to spy the tooth is when the runny nose blows

Cute cuddly runny noses, they love to live betwixt coloured flowers, where they will shovel petals & pollen in their long snouts for hours & hours

So when your garden is a’blooming full of colourful little buds, keep your ears close to the flower beds & listen for some thuds

I see them all the time,  especially when I’m watering with my garden hoses
but I guess I’m just a lucky duck to see the runny noses


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Richard Waters

THE BEAST, AND THE BURDEN. The Animal Kingdom lays heavy on the mind, and the spirit, at times. Especially when  " cute " bites you on the " arse " !!!!  :) ::) :)
Interesting piece.  :)

Richard Waters

WATCH OUT FOR TEETH !!! They can be carniverous, vivacious and ghoulish in nature, can they not ?
Do not say I did not warn you.
:) :) :) !!

Jill Tait

Haha Richard I certainly shall becareful :)

Richard Waters

" IT IS NOT MY STYLE, PUSSEY-CAT DOLL !! " :) I like to hit the ground running, to keep ahead of the " CRITTERS " !! Once they get your scent you are " easy-meat " !! Take the hint, join a reputable organization concerned with animal welfare and " prey " they do not catch you napping !! The ways of the "wild " leave nothing to the imagination. They can scare the " hell out of you ".....unless you are " au faye " with their underhand tactics. :) :)
The more you know, the better. Do not get " chewed up and spat out " !! Unless, it is on a regular basis, with " trained professionals " in attendance. You can not be too careful, you know !!!
Thanks for thinking of me, as I try to negotiate the " urban jungle " !!
You have to live a little, on the wild side, to " get to grips " with the risk assessment " paperwork " !!! :) :) Take it from me, you are better off out of the " lions den " unless you too are capable of enjoying the " hunt " and subsequent feast.
" Chew the fat " over that one. I ask you. Where will it all end ?
Hopefully, not in the realms of unsightly stains on the landscape. I do not wish to be devoured by any thing !!! That is for sure.
Cheerio. Take care, out there.

Richard Waters

Remember, " ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY " !!! Is that not the truth ? You have to choose your own path or trail. But, bear in mind the banquet " etiquette " can have repercussions. You do not want to fall prey to the " laws of the jungle ", which cause advanced tactical awareness to be at its height.
It is not " cute " to be " caught. " Unless, you are pre-disposed to be so.
There is the worry, manifest in the " thrill of the chase ", when you are found " wanting " !! :) " Left for dead " you are susceptible to  " panting " hungry scavengers, are you not ? You, be careful, my dear.
Leave the " big stuff " to those who know their " arse from their elbow " !!! :) :) :)
BELIEVE, AND IT COULD HAPPEN FOR YOU. Expertise and experience is always welcome, in any field....or " lair "  !!!!! :)