Poem -


Through her own startled image
She slithered and slipped
The blackness blew through
Ripped off her grip
So aloneΒ 
All alone
She still let out a scream
None there to witness
Her descent unseen
And as vision played tricks
And as shadows crept near
All thoughts were extinguished
Nowt left to hold dear
And she welcomed the dimness
As terror turned numb
No worries
No cares
Just the twiddling thumbs
For all reason was froze
She would never alight
From the mad fateful fall
On that bad fateful night.
Marion Price (2019)


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Richard Waters

" SILENT ", OR OTHERWISE.........the " scream ", as well as a famous painting, denotes inability to cope with a localized " environment. "
YOU, MUST ESCAPE. To a " sanctuary ", of your choosing or that of a loved one, where " HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL. " Here, recuperation and recovery, in " mind and body ", over time, allows one real space and foresight to fight " THE EFFECTIVE FIGHT " !!!
You, have to know limitations...and when to " tactically withdraw " to nurse wounds, and prepare to battle another day.
IT IS IN KNOWING WHAT MATTERS, AND WHAT DOES NOT THAT YOU FIND STRENGTH. In the conflict, within, you seize the " victory " by establishing parameters to the scope and shape of weapons, stored in your " ARMOURY. "
Less, affects you, that causes the pain and suffering, if you are equipped to handle the " enemy " strategies or formations !!! After due consideration, of course.
DO NOT SCREAM. Respect your capabilities, using them to ultimate advantage. DO NOT BE A VICTIM, BE A SURVIVOR.
Great power to this.Β  :)Β 

Marion Price

Wow Richard, such words of real wisdom ...I want you as my shrink!!!Β 
Seriously, I love exploring the darker fragile side of the human psych...so glad you enjoyed and took the time to comment. Thankyou 😊😊