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The sun surely rose for me

The sun surely rose for me

Brilliantly rising new day sun, the world shall feel its light, 
Abroad I behold,
Great hope do I hold, 
Such wonder gleaming bright,
As a champion it rise to glory, a beaming star now before me 
My hopeless body come alive, my blinded eyes through beauty thrive. As it comes I catch it’s gleam, made from gold as it would seem, 
I shade my brow
I see it now, 
This sun surely rose for me.

Oh gallant Star of light and beauty, oh fair of fair most precious flower,
No other mention 
My divinest attention
I would hold if I just had the power. 
As the sun rise so I below thee, ‘twas a painting now before me,
To my joy it’s song allure, this precious moment wholly pure,
I feel the warmth I see the rays, as the sun above me stays,
My life did mend 
My heart ascend 
The sun surely rose for me 

I lost all time for a moment, as my world spun wild and free 
The beaming star 
Seemed now so far
Though fain I can let it be, 
As from apex slowly it let, and to my heart an awful threat, 
Maddened I begin to blur, as this time seemed less then sure. 
My precious gleaming light, has began its setting flight,
It’s useless now 
I must allow 
Didst the sun truly rise for me? 

The sun now stately falls, as the ground shall meet the heel. 
Again I call, 
I beg, don’t fall!
Tis the sharpest pain I feel
Soon the dusk begin to take thee, as though fate itself choose now betray me,
Warming sun lost to solemn moon, sealing now my stolen rune.
I know it now I must forsake thee,  for thy shine I’ll  never see 
Pains full pressure
Teach me lesser 
The sun never rose for me. 

Darkness vast surrounds, and here I proclaim my plea 
Oh star of light,
Tis surely night 
Tell me why hast though forsake me?! 
I saw hundreds fall and send, yet no console didst they lend. 
My brightest sky I watched it fall, no worser fate could one befall,
My words have left, my hopes all flee, I walk away, I let it be,,
Forever now 
Never now 
Will the sun ever rise for me.

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