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The Tale of Jack Spriggins

The Tale of Jack Spriggins

Jack Spriggins was a poor boy
Who lived with his mother
An only child:
He had no sisters and no brothers.

They lived a poor life
And had a cow
Who gave them milk
Each day

One day it ceased to
Do so.
Jack's mother said he may
Take her to be sold.

And that he should get the most money
That he could
Before she got too old.
And before nobody would
Take her.

On the way to market
Jack did meet a man
Who offered him some
Magic beans
Jack bought them:
Raw, not even canned.

Jack's mother was furious
And threw them on the lawn.
Sent Jack to bed
But the next day at dawn

A giant beanstalk
Had grown.
It reached into
The sky and Jack.

Decided he would climb
Up into the clouds
To see what he
Could find.

He found a castle
Inhabited by a giant
And his wife
And for the first time

Jack feared for his life.
"Fee fi fo fum
I smell the blood of an
English man".

Jack didn't want to
End up dead
And didn't want
To end up as bread.

He stole a hen and
Money bags
And escaped
Carrying his swag.

When he ascended
The beanstalk once again
He stole a harp
But then

The giant who had been
Asleep awoke
And chased Jack
Down the road

And down the beanstalk
To Jack's lair.
Jack took an axe
And then and there

Cut the beanstalk down:
The giant fell
And died abruptly on the dell.
Happy ever after

Were Jack and his mother
With the riches they had gained:
A story for sisters and brothers.


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Tony Taylor

What an excellent poetic 'telling of the tale' dear poet brother!!..... you REALLY did a fine job with this!!.... it's not an easy thing to do .....to take an already well established narrative and paint it as poetry.......ALL STARS!!.... well done MICHAEL!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo ๐Ÿงโœดโค