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The ‘Terrible Tropicals’

The ‘Terrible Tropicals’

Sid & his fiesty friends fancied an adventure, an expedition like none others
Well after much deliberation & consideration
the six midget men told their Mothers
“How’s about the Jungle “
“None of us has trekked that before” so that’s exactly where they were heading as they stormed out of Sid’s back door

After many long hours feeling apprehensive ‘Was this a good idea?’ Ah well too late to change our minds, we are almost here
The plane landed at 2.a.m. very early in the morning, Jimmy, spud, Sid & Mick were continuously yawning
Each of their mouths in a sequence tho none of them did realise, all the other passengers were listening in surprise

“Here we go” said Jimmy 
“Are we really here” said Mick
“Mind you if you spy a spider lads don’t touch it with a stick!”
This was sensible Stan’s remark as the rest of them did shriek
None of them had thought of those so not one of them did speak

There they were trudging through the labyrinth of jungle
each with rugsacks on their backs, Stan had packed some paper bags to cope with possible panic attacks
Almost every minute that passed  at least two of them did “Yelp”
One wonder’s why an earth they went there without any help

But then again they had each other after that thought had occurred, hadn’t they studied its ins & outs after reading jungle books word for word ?
Then Sid spied the longest living creature that he had ever seen
He shouted “Oh my gracious me” as his face turned a shade of green

The rest of them ran in different directions as this King Cobra snake slithered down a tree
But by the time it had reached the bottom the lads had scarpered luckily
In a single line they ran & ran jumping over all obstacles
That was it they’d had more than enough of the ‘Terrible tropicals’

After catching a bus back to the airport & boarding the next flight back, they mustered up a tall story to tell their loved ones their wisecrack
Of course as one can well imagine, because their two weeks was only three days
Not a single soul believed their balarneys & never would do come what mays

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