Poem -

The Thousand-Year City

Thousands of years ago,
a city sat on the far east coast, 
with much to boast.

Adorned,when day, by the azures of the sky
And the silver stars in the dark nights.

Mahogany, oriental buildings made
A fine artistic piece for one to create.

The chirping of birds and the bleating of lambs,
the chattering of children and their friends,
seemed to linger in the sand,
grasped by the mighty blue-sea hand.

Thousands of years later,
a weary traveller staggers by
a site of ruins near the eastern seas
which were millenium-old
with its own stories and tales untold
By the former city , now full of hollow souls.

The laughter of children and the magnificent buildings
the wealth that used to seem to pour

Is now....no more.