Poem -

The train

The train

When I sit on the train 

I recall the journey to hell 

Arranged by the Nazi 

"Enjoy your journey"

Is not possible 

After the train ride to the camp 

Which saw my family killed 

By the Nazi 

   Train ride 







The first mass deportation of Jews from Nazi Germany occurred in less than a year before the outbreak of war. It was the forcible eviction of German Jews with Polish citizenship fuelled by the Kristallnacht. Approximately 30,000 Jews were rounded up and sent via rail to refugee camps. In July 1938 both the United States and Britain at the Évian Conference in France refused to accept any more Jewish immigrants.


I cannot sit on a train 

Without thinking of hell 

My number on my arm 

  My mother gone 

     My brother gassed 


The first trains with German Jews expelled to ghettos in occupied Poland began departing from central Germany on 16 October 1941. Subsequently, called Sonderzüge (special trains),the trains had low priority for the movement and would proceed to the mainline only after all other transports went through, inevitably extending shipping time beyond expectations.



     Towards death 

I cannot 


The train 

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as it is informative so is it historical, an event that will haunt humanity until the very end f days...

You allowed me to be there, your words precisely woven into the arena of thoughts , to encapsulate it all in every pulse in my veins, I admire the thoughts placed into this brave and empowering ink, bring credit to the heart and mind behind the pen..


Jai Masters

Hi D;

That period of history is haunting 

not the only massacre in history 

but certainly appallingly meticulous in its 

organisation and breadth; 

a frightening topic to write of the 

Holocaust; thank you DblanK 

for a powerful response. 

The book of Victor Frankl

"mans search for meaning"

is my reference. 

Best wishes Jai:) 🌈 

Jai Masters

It's about finding purpose in life after 

a concentration camp. It's a positive read. 

Rose Sho

Learnt a lot from this write...Very sad but I'm glad I read it...Well done Jai

Jai Masters

Thank you Rose to have you read my poem

is my good fortune; a poem is not born until it is read and understood; 

best wishes Jai:) 🌈

Larry Ran

My Dear Brother Poet Jai,

Your poem moved me to tears.  I too wrote a few poems on the Holocaust, one of them, titled "Six Million" Cosmo put on Facebook and it was read by over 4,000 people.  I have studied this horrible travesty in history, since I was a teenager.  My first wife's parents, both lost most of their families due to this tragedy, but were luckily able to escape to Palestine, and from there make their way to the U.S..  Thank you for your powerful work, because it is so important that we all make sure the world never forgets.


I refused then to believe, that which many had there said

If we don't get out our country, too soon, we'll all be dead

So I chose to stay in my birthplace, where for hundreds of long years

My race, the Jewish people, had lived without those fears


But as I look back now in anger, of what there then transpired

I think of my innocent people, and their deadly funeral pyres

I was part of the very lucky ones, who malnourished, somehow survived

Because God had made some plans for me, to keep The Holocaust alive


Now as a man who's had a full life, of ninety plus years old

I represent the living proof, of these horrors need be told

But I think that my true mission, soon will be all through

So to all my family that I lost there, I'll soon be rejoining you


Peace and Love,

Larry xxx

Jai Masters

 The ghosts of forevermore 

 I'm deeply sorry for your and your wife's suffering  as for so many others 

 This period of history  is a black stain  of humanity 

 And what makes the Holocaust different is the orchestrated attempt  to annihilate the Jewish people  but ultimately the German Nazis failed 

 They failed miserably and  thoroughly 

 I was reading your words  that you left on the page in bold  and how courageous these words are  - how courageous  and beautifully crafted  with the poignant message 

lest we forget 

 Thank you & 


from Jai:) 🌈

Larry Ran

My Dear Friend Jai,

Again, you have made such poignant points, like the attempted annihilation of the Jewish race, by Hitler and his band of monsters.  Unfortunately, I do not believe that Hitler committed suicide in that bunker with Eva Braun.  I think the bodies they found were of two others, and they had a well planned escape route, which they took.  I have watched several Documentaries, that I feel, have proven it.  Like the monster Dr. Mengele who was never caught, I think with several other high ranking Natzi officers, they lived a nice long life in South America, many of whom were secreted away by Juan Peron.  But at least Israel captured Adolf Eichmann and hung the S.O.B.  

Thank you again.  Shalom.

Larry xxx