Poem -

The Tunnel

The air so still it shimmers in the sun
Golden rays turn into liquid amber coloring the day
Yet a chill is felt 
An eerie shadow underneath the light
Pulling me towards this otherworld
As if diving into a dark pool if deep water
I found myself gasping for air 
Grasping around me to find a solid object
Finding only more movement as I feel. Caught in a vortex 
Icy bits and pins and needles 
While I hear the roaring of all creation
Yet I am completely calm
Completely reassured by a loving presence
At last I see a light at the end of my tunnel
Am I dead?
I ask the question quite detached from the answer
NO says a voice that is only in my head
When the roaring stops I see myself when I was young speaking to a lovely lady
She looks like my mother who has passed on
I want to go to her but I am restrained
In time you will see her I heard
In time you will understand why you came here. 
Then suddenly I was back laying in the middle of a field of poppies
Where my mare had bucked me off
Then I remembered I had hit 
My head !
I was ok and she was looking at me with a sorry face.
I was left feeling somehow 

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Cherie Leigh

Sounds like a really cool near death experience!  There are so many stories all over the world of such stories that bring the one experiencing it great comfort.  I enjoyed.  I like the way the horse felt bad...lol.. xo 

Violet Freese

Thanks Cherie I had a lucid dream once and it was alot like this poem. So I am sharing the essence of what it felt like.  Violet

Tony Taylor

Hey VIOLET!!...I agree with C!!....this does sound/feel like a Near Death Experience..... or some kind of Out-Of-Body Experience where the "Tunnel" apparently plays some kind of otherworldly part in the whole...... and it's delivered in a VERY poetic kind of metering!!......ALL STARS!!..... well done dear poet sister!!........ clever stuff!!....LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )

Violet Freese

Thank you for your comment.  I thank you for your time to stop and make a remark