Poem -

The Woes Of A Child

Why cry, sad little child?
“My professor dislikes me- she gives me icy glares.”
She is merely a professor, do not cry because of her.
“Merely? But her words hurt me like a carving dagger.”
Words should not hurt you.
“Words hurt me, oh yes, they do!”
Why bleed, hurt little lamb?
“Do not worry, for the blood does not come from my external wounds-it comes from within.”
Why are there scars on you, child?
“I do not know, but I have been told that these are the scars of Hate.”
Why are your eyes filled with pain and sorrow?
“My eyes fill with sadness because of what I see.”
What do you see?
“I see Hate terrorizing everybody around, and I cannot do anything.”
Ah, but you are of course, ignorant! You cannot do anything about this, can you? Besides, there are wonders to see! Look at the dainty blossoms!
“No, I cannot, but it still pains me to see the people suffer! The flowers may be beautiful, but they will wither under Hate’s regiment!”
It pains me as well as you, but we cannot do anything, like I said.
“You...are..right. But I may still do something.”
Foolish juvenile! You dare to take action when you have barely weaned?
“Weaned? How interesting for you to call me that, for Hate is here, right behind you!”
You are a wonder, but I cannot believe you.
“Alas! It seems like I am the only one who can see the truth!”
Mankind has poor sight. Do not blame them.
“I have no words to spare.”
Why are you still bleeding?
“Because the wounds are too deep for stopping.”
You need help, my child.
“I do not, and I don’t need it. O mortals, arise! My departure from life is near, but I still can bid a farewell!”
Farewell, angelic child, farewell…….

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Terry Kay

Andrea, a very intriguing write and very well written.  Congratulations on the well deserved nomination.  Terry Kay

Andrea Yang

thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it!