Poem -

Things We Know about

Things We Know about

I don't like you - everything is wrong - yes?
Are you there God? You got us all in this mess,
basically, you have much to answer yourself for,
couldn't be bothered if we messed up your plan.

Never mind latest things, more important what life sings,
from relationships to what this life of yours brings,
let's digress; do you have any solutions to your plan?
I'm tired of asking you - where's the promise from son of man? 

That  we shall inherit the Earth - what's left of it;
I almost suspect a trace of laughter, what comes after?
rather like an irritating poof - always so aloof,
everything convenient - all under one shiny roof.

To those that survive on remote Pacific islands,
raise a glass to the fools on the Chinese mainland.


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Being Me

I should imagine there are probably lots of people questioning their faith right now 🤔 x