Poem -


Sober and caught

Odd this melting face
waterfalling between orchid feasting fingers
into scrimmaged arms
awash in tattooed bone
perhaps god can intervene
on this my second half
a nearest darkest place I pray
locked in intricate dead doors
together chained by you
angels burnt in candle blame
my death is replaced
it's boxed in ocean crested cheering waves
I believe that love can save
its always pale in the most murderous sway
keep this mind in a maze
it's just weeping from another day

rambling tremors find me hidden
destiny is  keeping this corner free
clothes pile on walked steps
as bodies thrash in perfect scale
souls hung as crime must be a reward
lovers in shredded veils
lined up behind the christ door
repeated words escaped on tongues

forced to bless the forgotten kiss


Odd this melting face

somehow in mirror replaced

why so few broken nails on this cross

splinters iconic in tombs


then im just the one

I was searching for



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