Poem -



It takes us all quite a while
To realise what it’s about
To feel the ebb and flow of it
Swelling in and filling out.

A long time passed before I knew
Or even paused a while to listen
And hear the light and shade of it
Always on another mission.

But now...sweet jesus! Every day
It’s there, a constant theme,
Coming at me like a wave
Even while I dream.

We found a way to measure it,
To make it a fixation
You are part of it as it’s part of you,
One constant irritation.

And it is coming for you
Have no doubt, it will never stop…
Like public transport it is sometimes late
But on board we have to hop.

So run with me if you like my friend,
There is no need for a fuss.
Though if you’d rather see it through alone,
Please try to meet me on the bus.

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John DeFoore Jr

I enjoyed reading, I like any piece that cause me to read and re read.