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To the never stopping time,
Flowing in the same direction every time,
But experienced differently each time,
Regardless of the losses some times..... 
Nor the ones that fell out of time, 
Even the specs of bliss can't be kept in
the bottle of time, 
But only in our minds and hearts till
we exist in parallel time, 
Thats why the healer of things will 
always be time, 
With everything expressed as past, present, future, dusk, dawn...... Which
altogether is just relevant to time
All devided into glimpses in time..... 
And infinities in time, 
Which are all just loopholes of seeing time, 
Thus, the clock is the only thing that will always
move with the true time, 
Though flowing in so many paths
at the same time.......... 
Through the zones of time, 
We all just campany to the lonely time, 
With moments to distract us from passing time, 
Until the end of each life time. 

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Baker Street

The Past cannot be reached, and as soon as you have caught up with the present it is gone. The same goes for the future; therefore time does not exist. Time is the cheat of all cheats for it even cheats itself! Nice Poem!

Noreen Nonhlanh...

It really is a cheat of cheats because u can barely separate the past, present and future...... And thanks!😊