Poem -


Ignition within


When small things burn,
We say they caught fire,
But sometimes its just biblical,
Thus, they get ingulfed in flames...
Planted by a spark, 
Powered by the ground,
Driven by the wind,
Dance to the skies if you can fly high enough,
Swirling the scent of destruction,
At a distance you just a radiation of warmth...or
even a gleaming eye sore despite the thunderclouds
gathering above you,
If one gets too close....only rage is served,
Take on the world like it's an honor,
Be the beauty in the face of chaos,
Even if you die out  today.....
The trail of ash will nurture new life,
Spread your wings like a wild fire....you are,
For that's how new dreams are conceived and 
brought to existence.

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Marion Price

This is quite a deep write Noreen because yes, new life grows and is nourished by death...unfortunately...me and the world don't see eye to eye on this...nice write my friend 💕

Marion Price

Aye..and when you win you mostly lose it again ...such is life!! 😊😊

Cherie Leigh

What an interesting analogy of life and death and rebirth through that death, I guess that adage is right that Def Leppard put into their song Rock of Ages that says, "It's better to burn out than fade away!"  Original concepts.  I enjoyed. xo ;)

Noreen Nonhlanh...

Thanks ; ) its the dynamic of life, just like light can not exist with out darkness........x

Pratibha Savani

I love the metaphor of fire in this piece of life and death and how you described it within it. I particularly like the end with the light at the end of the tunnel of new hope and vision of a new beginning. An exceptional piece of writing Noreen. Truly is. Loved it. Px💜

Richard Waters

Nature, as revealed in documentaries, starts " brush " fires to rekindle the growth potential, of soil and foliage...... to strengthen the Animal Kingdom.
In Norfolk, where I am, the farmers have, in the past, " burnt the stubble " left by the season's harvest, to rejuvenate the earth. To, produce better crops next year. 
In your wonderful work here, you clarify the natural defending its position. Through flame...of " passion, " to survive, to " fight another day " !!! :) With the flames, and heat, of regenerating, and sustaining life, is the realization of how LIFE STRENGTHENS and REMAINS despite attack by plague or " blight " !!
The fabric of the world, and intimacy or intricacy of adaptation, by process, to cling on " to the rock " leads one to evaluate our own worth....in the GRAND DESIGN. Our appraisal correlates with PAGAN TRADITION with its appreciation of the eco-system, and all its connections. However varied !!! :)