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Time for Me

Time for Me

The passage of time moves quicker it seems
as years fly by with unrealized dreams
A clock ticks away without regard
during the hustle and bustle of working hard
Passions and plans still remain unattended
while losing touch with those I’ve befriended 
Pursuing the gains needed to keep my family fed
some parts of who I am are all but dead
Looking back I question my choices 
I sacrificed myself to give my kids voices
I hear them say how much they love me so
and I start to forget the things I let go
Now that they’re grown it’s time to return
to the things in myself for which I yearn
I made sure to teach them what they need to fly
and even if they fail they should at least try
Each tick of the clock reminds me to cherish 
the moments I have left before I parish
So, I rekindle the fire of who I am inside
using my inner sight as a helpful guide
I realize now I’m neither or or the other
but both, an artist and a loving mother
Realizing this helps ease my mind
that who I am was not left behind
it’s just some things I put on a shelf
until I had time for just myself
I embark on the path I dreamt as a teen
I return to me, I am Jeanine

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I love this work. Sometimes, we must take time off the speed we are running and reflect on our purpose on earth and the journey traveled thus far. It's certain as we journey through life, we will make mistakes. We may falter in reaching where our strength could carry us. But all that is okay. The most important thing is our ability to live through it all. Thanks for sharing this piece.

Jeanine Q-M

Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. I appreciate it deeply. Jeanine

Tony Taylor

Hi JEANINE!!....this is beautifully delivered.......profoundly insightful....and poetically.....a pleasure to read......Not everyone has the ability to see their future unfurling in front of them....and it is obvious that you can see yours quite clearly ~

                    ~ "So, I rekindle the fire of who I am inside
                        Using my inner sight as a helpful guide..."

Having that kind of confidence in your own intuition is such a wonderful gift from God that not everyone gets to experience.....I can feel it in your words ~ you're just at the beginning of a magical part of your life.....ALL STARS!!.....well done dear poet sister!!....I look forward to reading your work to come!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

Jeanine Q-M

Thank you very much Tony. You always write the loveliest comments. Your words are greatly appreciated. Jeanine