Poem -

To Love A Damaged Soul

To Love A Damaged Soul

I will be like the eye of a hurricane…
in the midst of your pain and destruction of it all -
you can seek refuge in the heart of my soul.
I will be like the rain and hug you when you cry -
there to hold you in comfort while there is sadness in your eyes.
I will be like the sun which shines ever so bright -
it gives you the courage to shine your own light.
And on the days you wish to just stay inside -
I will be like the clouds; so far but nearby.
I will be like the air in the trees in which you breathe -
to give you freshness and security and to put you at ease.
I will be like honey that is soft for the bees -
the sugar that soothes them and tastes so sweet.

Because even though you may not know how to love me,
I will love you.

To love a damaged soul - Elisa Estrefi.

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What a strong and meaningful poem I can connect with all that you have put here . x

Elisa Estrefi

Thank you! I am so happy to hear that it was able to resonate with you :)


Amazing poem! loved it!