Poem -

To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme

It seems I cannot write a line
Without accidentally,
Making it rhyme.
Every, single, Ā time.
You see no matter how hard I try
To write sincerely, dry
The words just end up high
My poetry sounds so light.
When I desperately want to write
Something moody and trite.
The words just flow
On they go
Each line, running in tow.
Sounding childish and fun
Never serious, but on the run
Its making me feel quite numb.
That's not to say I don't feel,
Like my rhyming poetry's not real
Like it's just not the real deal.
It still comes from the heart,
Surely that's a good place to start.
So I need to stop being so critical
It's OK to not be too typical
To rhyme all day
In every way
Is still considered lyrical.

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Christopher Correia

awesome subject, Laura, love the poem....it's always been a hard question, 'to rhyme or not to rhyme?'...whether it is nobler in the mind to 'free verse' or suffer the slings and arrows of rhyming....wasn't it Shakespeare who said that some 'muddy the water to think themselves deep?' Ā Sometimes, 'rhyming poems' seem to make more sense, even though it may not always sound, 'deep' Ā Robert Frost rhymed, no? Ā I enjoyed your whimsical approach to the subject, terrific read, cheers Ā 


Good read and I have the same issue. I always end up rhyming.