Poem -

Together and Apart

Together and Apart

Together we are infinite.
Apart we are the lonely night,
the polluted oceans,
the highways teaming with plastic cups and cigarette buds.
Together we are infinite.
Apart we are the broken down cities
the thundering gun shots
the childhood traumas
the shipping facilities
the empty bottles
and the somehow emptier phone screens.

Together we are everything.
Apart we are the desolated winter's
the abandoned cemetery's
the slaughterhouses of turmoil
the fat pigs of euphoria
the slain corpse of youth.
Together we are everything.
Apart we are the voiceless alleys
the brain dead junkies
the single mothers
the raging visions of mad men,
Together everything ceases,
Apart everything comes with a jail sentence
and a lifelong hole of despair.

Together we are infinite, not just some minimal infinity, together we are the intestines of infinity, the skull of infinity, together the deepest abyss is only a meaningless walk, a walk which we once walked as kids.
Together we'll crawl through the ruins of infinity and the golden craters, how different can different be, when nothing holds you back unto the darkness of the infinite sea.

Together we are the all.
Apart we are nothing,
the total destruction of self
the static of mindless thinking
the dirt soaked blood joy
and none can ever be attained by one who wishes to in vain,
For there are two kinds of none, the one you cannot fathom and the one you run from.

Together we are infinite.
Apart we are none.

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Tony Taylor

WOW!! JOSE!!.......this was intense brother!!.... an almost poetic declaration!!...... filled with the power of positive thinking and stellar pledges that sing to the heart of the reader..... as though the Law were being laid down in truly romantic and declarative timing!! L.A...and some of these phrases... Wow!!..... like this one ~

                            "the static of mindless thinking
                              THE DIRT SOAKED BLOOD JOY..."

I put that line in 'caps' because it's one of the coolest and most unique word combination I've heard in quite some time my friend!!..... seriously STELLAR phrasing running throughout this piece!!.......ALL STARS & PINNED!!......smokin' grooves dear poet brother!!......smokin' grooves!!..... well done!!.......T xo 🐧❤👏👏👏❤🐧