Poem -

Tolkien Way

Dreaming in some Tolkien way; finding lost worlds alone.
Dawn is dark and full of sound
Night is filled with life.
The Lords are gathering in the dusk
with a hollow glow from high.
The wizard kings and molded rings are in future far awry.
The middle earth is elven land with kings and ladies sure.
Their grace and aura gives me strength to carry on.
So beautiful are these beings.
So assured of time and space.
I so wish to join them and abandon my rat race. 
But in my realm I am mortal.
Time is my foe.
How I yearn for a fantasy from reality.
Alas I am forced to be content
with the book I get to read.

Hoping that someday fiction could be


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Baker Street

'The truest things in life are always true because they can't be true.' e.e. cummings. Nice poem!