Poem -

The Lake

The lake is dark and grey with a harsh wind across.
It whips into my soul like a bleeding heart that throbs.
I kneel upon the rocky shore sobbing mindlessly in pain.
I cannot seem to grasp I am never seeing you again.
Why? Is what my mind says
NO!  Is what my heart cries.
Silence us what your lips say as they are asleep forever more.
No more summers here so blissful swimming and laughing each day. We were
Young and strong we could do no wrong.
Life was a holiday for us.
Being your bride was my happiest day, and I know it was yours too.
If I. Don't find another reason to stay I will join you in this lake.
I cry and the wind takes my tears
​​​​​ And words from me.
Why must I loose those too
Are there angels near to you my love or are you all alone.
Sleeping underneath these ugly waves lapping on this shore.

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Thank you very much glad you liked it.