Poem -

Touch of Snow Magic!!

Touch of Snow Magic!!

As the naked trees tremble in Autumn's demise
soft whisperings of Nature's cold heart
November air winces with temperature descent
and snow magic stands at the startΒ 

A glittered shine splays diamond twinkles
wavering by a bashful sun
kindles a glacial radiance in awakening
now a Snow Queen's paradise begun

Snowflakes fall in slow hello
submissions of a Winter's ready sky
so brimmed to bust with Ocean's excess
that marries with ice free to flyΒ 

Countless crystals amass incessantly
each a presence of beautiful unique
dancing, swirling, searching to lay
after gently caressing the Snow Queen's cheek

Now she orchestrates the snow like notes
conducting each flake to place
composing her own Arctic symphony
landscaping with her precious white traceΒ 

Wondrous Winter whitewash scene
in preserving presence of the Snow Queen
selfishly surveying her ice masterpiece
order of Nature, Magic and Imagination between

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Wendy Wass

Thankyou Lisa I've just read your latest and think it's beautiful 😊

Carey Milton

A divination of decadence!!
Beautifully penned my friend
Carey x

Wendy Wass

Thankyou Carey appreciate your kind comment x

Wendy Wass

Thankyou your too kind hope you're keeping well πŸ˜€