Poem -

Trees To Remember

Trees  To Remember

Oh mighty oak, tell me a joke about the redwood,
ok, he had a curry and it went right through him,
the rowan said that's not funny - life's a beech,'
so many old chestnuts, I'm just getting sycamore.

We were here before you and stand tall after,
the wind spirals amongst us and gives distant laughter,
fire was on the hills but they gave us a break,
you can do it - stop this climate change, for God's sake.

Now it's forty five degrees, we can't breathe any more,
you've taken our wood, now we're rotten to the core;
there was a meeting between the great elders,
listen to the cedars, before we're reduced to ash.

We all have to stand really steady at the elm,
otherwise there will be true meaning to weeping willow.

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Excellent  sonnet angel enjoyed reading