Poem -

"Trick or Treat"

"Trick or Treat"

Its today
The time to intertwine with ghosts
It only comes once a year
Children knocking on doors at night, 
dressed in all kind of costumes, or rather just wear pajamas (only in Otara). 

"Trick or Treat" those innocent voices cry
Waiting for the neighbors to load sweet, fragment candy in their buckets or plastic bags! 

Flashback from last years Halloween
My minions had their plastic bags filled with delicious looking candies;
They did not wear costumes but their faces were painted.
Embarrassed I said, "You guys are truly my siblings."
Some of my minions received money rather than candies which was quite amusing

We don't celebrate this so-called Halloween 
But when candies were mentioned they go, Berserkers!
Farewell to this years Halloween since no one will be going out to "Trick or Treat"


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I know its not Halloween today/night! I was still editing it, not sure if it'll make sense :L But you'll get the picture eventually!!