Poem -

Trudging Forward

Trudging Forward

I will never fail
I will never fall
I make and break my own rules
Living a life unfit for my own kindness
Devastated by lonely devices
Designed from a life of cold vices

They grip and pull me back
Into the icy lake of my nightmares
Holding me from true enlightenment
Forever darkening my gaze forward
Will I spring back from this?
Or will the bottle be the last thing I kiss?

Soon I will know
Soon I will break
Stretching for a hand to take
Blindly grasping in the dark
For some sort of peace
My darkness becoming a masterpiece

A sickening statue of vulnerability
Not fit to be hailed
But worshiped with reckless abandon
And little respect
I laid it's foundation with these hands I own
 I must reap what I've sown

This world is sick
The only cure woven within my being
And the being of every man and woman
Every one that smiles through their pain
That hurt that runs so deep
Ushering us all unto a permanent sleep

Wondering what will finally be the end
Of their pain
Of our suffering
Where such a relief hides is unknown
So we must continue our dark path
And weather loves' righteous wrath

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Dean Kuch

I agree; those of us who suffer from depression may be smiling on the outside while we're dying on the inside, ConflictedSoul42.
We put on our happy faces to avoid having to answer of myriad of questions like, "What's eating you?", or, "Is everything okay with you?"
Casual acquaintances generally take us at our word when we say we're just fine.
But our good friends know better and dig a little deeper.Like you, it helps me to write about the things troubling me. Writing is some of the best therapy there is.
Nicely penned,
~Dean Kuch ♪ღ♫


I feel like it'd be rude to say I'm glad you relate, but it's nice to hear about someone who understands. Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know how you feel. You're always welcome on my page


Dean Kuch

My pleasure and the same to you.
~Dean :)

Richard Waters

Committed write deserving of praise for its forthright approach.
Wishing you all the best !  :)


Hi.. Conflictedsoul42.. I swear this is something really bad as.. U touch bout. A miilon different thing. From physical life.to mental life. Imotional life. A dream plus solutions to all. I really enjoyed it read a couple of times. And tnis is a peace ill take with me. If you dint mind... Thank you for sharing it.. Have a great week '. 


Thank you, the praise is much appreciated. You have a wonderful week as well 😊