Uninvited Season

Uninvited Season

Wafting on the wind,
the smells of new beginnings.
Warm currents flow 
dancing and swirling 
lifting strands of hair
gently with invisible hands.

Little green buds,
unfurling, shyly, tentatively.
Jeweling the once bare trees 
with bright new emeralds.

Thrice curved mountain 
in the distance,
glows grassy green
gleaming in golden sunlight.
Haloed with white puffy clouds.

When suddenly…

Playful currents fled. 
Baby buds shivered.
Mountain in the distance 
disappeared behind a screen of grey,
scowling thunderously.

The loving light of gold,
smothered, plunging the world 
into darkness.

Bone-chilling, arrogant 
gusts of wind blew.
Chasing away any warmth
that may have hidden. 

The grass ruffled and bent
rippling like water, 
turning from green to light green
green to light green as 
fingers of cold weaved its way 
into the miniature world of insects.

Then came the frost.
Coating all in a shiny layer of ice,
freezing the grass to sharpest of blades.

Finally, the last wave came.
An array of frigid flurries 
dispatched from the sky 
attacking all in sight 
muffling and muting the world.

Until all was silent.
was white.
All was frozen.


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Baljit Singh

Very nice! Beautifully picturised. 
We all run, but the undue conversation can chase us to the new world; through contracts of humiliations, demoralizations which the wild weather possesses.

Mitsali Fatima

Wow thanks, Mister S your comment itself is like beautiful poetry :)

Baljit Singh

The world is beautiful without accidents and mishaps; seen and unseen; I realised when my fingers got touched.


There’s a beautiful insight to this poem which touched my heart...amazing!!!

Silent Dreamer

This is so utterly beautiful! I love the little hints of suspense in your poems and the way you so beautifully bring every piece to an end. Captivating! 😍

Mitsali Fatima

Thank you so much!
I can always count on you to give me a positive compliment :)

Dmitri Rudder

well, You're definitely from the U.K. I thought that Ireland had nicer weather, but I can vouch for Scotland being cold and inhospitable to about everyone. I have some pen pals up there, and they're always telling me about how the snow falls heavy over Perth and Glasgow. I don't know if it's the same in Unspecified City, Ireland, but I can imagine the feeling of snap winter well enough from My own experiences with Alabama weather here in the states. Our seasons can't make up their mind. We have blizzards in June and Heat waves in December.

-Cheers from across the Pond,

Mitsali Fatima

It's never usually this bad here on the coast... I guess global warming and all that have been making the weather a little crazy these past few months. We could never have imagined that a storm like Ophelia would hit us a few months back, it's a bit mind-blowing!  
Smiles and peace : )

Sammar Fatima

Congrats for winning 
You totally deserve this win ; )


Rose Sho

Wow... This is awesome... Congratulations on a well deserved win