Poem -



You encourage diversity,
But you condition us to be the same.
You ask for creativity, 
And yet our wildest dreams, you seek to tame.

The free-flowing waters of our minds,
You restrain with concrete damns.
Our individuality, you ensnare in binds.
Truly, your aim is nothing but a sham.

You want us to be outspoken,
Though you silence us all the same.
You don't care how many of us you've broken.
To you, it's just a game.

You tell us that its fine,
To be the way we are.
You convince each of us we shine,
As brightly as a star.

But how are we to be,
These many things you praise:
Colourful, thoughful, and free
If all these traits you utterly raze?

You tell us we're free.
That we're cared for and heard.
And that there's no reason to flee.
But because of you,

          It's only our uniqueness that has been cured.


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Brilliant poem. Very me. A very worthy nomination. Good luck in the contest.

- Syd 

Rb Dl

I love how you clearly illustrated this topic, perfect for the modern day world.