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Whenever I tell you what’s in my heart,
you call me a crazy lady

For years, I’ve saved for myself this madness
that my brain no longer sits in my head

I was in the consulting room of the psychiatrist
He called me a manic; now, I panic

You won’t even let me kiss the air around you
but can you set me free to my former self?

I’ve descended into this abyss of insanity
that only you can set me free from

Can you tell me something, instead of nothing?
Can you form sentences with these idle words?


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Cherie Leigh

Aww..She sounds obsessive....It is sad when love is not returned and unrequited...I feel sorry for her!  Perfect picture to portray that disappointing feeling.  I never can understand why people keep pursuing a dead end, wasting time that they could be loved the way they should be by another who will appreciate them.  Great portrayal of this disappointing situation. xo ;)


Thanks Cherie for your wonderful comment and the support.