Poem -

Unspoken Truth

Unspoken Truth

When boundaries are crossed and trust is broken..
How do you forget the bad words spoken?
If it's give and take, then take you did..
When it's time to give you ran and hid.

I can't give anymore as I've nothing left..
Now your moving on, just left me for dead.
If you cherished friendship you be by my side..
But you'll find someone else to take for a ride.

So I hold my head up and try to be brave..
No point hanging on, there's nothing to save.
There's a difference between want and need..
And want me not is you indeed!

I know when I'm being used as I'm no fool..
So now I'm going to follow my own set of rules.
Next time you need me try not to pretend..
Because truth is you don't value me as your friend.

As I drove away today with tears in my eyes..
It was bitter sweet the empty goodbyes.
You've now got freedom, and now you can smile..
I'm no longer around to cramp your style.

I don't know why I'm writing this rhyme..
It's not like you ever feel remorse over time.
But know this for certain you've made me sad..
I'm now a fading memory of someone you had!