Poem -


Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


The sky is grey with hate
It signals pain in my heart

I know God's decisions are the best
But I have to ask why did he choose to take them so fast.

Since the wages of sin is death
Death was their fate
There is nothing to regret

Are they the only sinners, I wonder.
Lust is a sin but day by day my heart grows fonder.

Out of all the beautiful mothers in this world
God gave me one and when he decided to take, he took that one

Among all the millions and billions of fathers in the world, I still remain fatherless.

I just wish they were both alive
without them I'm living a mere life

Of cause paradise is a place to be
But why did they to go without me

@pies_negros 15 JULY 23_44

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