Poem -

Upon Thy Inchoate Manifestation...

Upon Thy Inchoate Manifestation...

(as imagined by this lumpenproletariat)

When no bigger then innocuous,
ho hum, happy go lucky
generic black whole
sonny and cher full pinhead size zit,
thine pluperfect promising
mysterious seat of pants whodunnit

wordlessly wise wedded
waywardness writ partly apportioned,
thru totally tubular fluted circumcised
test tossed truly valued throned
kingdom come emancipation ejaculation,
released special ops assigned prickly role

donning spermatozoa swimsuit
owning papas hurtling
traversing repertoire,
noteworthy inherent pistol unit
flesh gun firing off biologic
gum-shun reproductive script,

within zygote, sans courtesy
squirt of flagellating
fostering nanobyte superior vicesquad
programmed fed tidbit,
stalwart sea men meted brooked shield
Dickensian gonadal mutual friend,

whence gamete extolled finesse,
(yet tubby revealed
many a chromosomal trait)
didst undergird uber reproductive
up the down staircase
reinforced by microscopic balustrade,

yielding one ova Eggland's Best soffit
rendering (unto Cesaer...)
poof like magic fusion,
whereby exiting fallopian tube
deposition met fertilization,
hence embryonic initiation

wrought wondrous ultimately
vibrant blastocyst
triggered uterine settlement,
ripely channeling
tree men das transition
signaling ovulation to taper off,
yet not entirely quit

fertilization triggered secretion,
analogous quasi
pollination process, qua gossiped
biochemical romantic tidbit
activated via powerful
penile popgun "hello kitty" visit,

milky dollop hormone
exquisite in utero exposition,
human female body electric
generated chorionic
gonadotrophin (hCG),
official warrant issued
drafting subsequent surfeit

secretion spured double helix spin off
flawlessly choreographed
following impregnation,
whereby molecular sized blueprints
amazingly graceful processes
promulgated propensities

prospecting proven
(survival of the fittest)
atavistic properties
concentrated subatomic activity
engendered secure ankh cur,
where wick keel lee reader rabbit
burrowed within amniotic

filled sac didst outwait
nine month journey,
a real swell gambit
for mother and child,
thence bundle of joy
exited birth canal.

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