Poem -

Wish I could do more

Wish I could do more

meandering was the sky above me"
and I wander"
Falling for its air, 
for it felt' 
like it loved me.

Looking down 
I watched the water Be itself" 
with clear waves 
And a world already in tears.
The blue became truth
To be only a reflection. 
For me and you. 

it made moments neglect wonder. 
they where thoughts 
that just seem too be louder.

but soon becoming now, 
and "late" 
always on time"
Too splash yesterday's memories
of down under.
It only became furthest
But found a gateway to first tomorrow.

"of rain" too now of thunder.  
the tour to a route was muddier
My view never seemed to recover
That I saw many of me 
stand against laughter.

Of all why these and not something else.
It bares know roots. 
The streets rioting roads 
for distances that can't come close. 
and every day less our existence.
But a hundred times a day 
hungry are our children.

Now my thought ended and I stare at blue again
A strange stage to choose where too land. 
Everything is used nothing is new
Specially the thought of we knew. 
From the pass I hope the future grew.

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