Poem -

U.S. We

U.S. We

The United States of America
almost became an English colony again
in the War of 1812 -  or the
Second Half of the Revolutionary War.

The U.S. became
the Divided States
from 1861-1865.

White men with property can vote,
White men without property can now vote,
Women can now vote,
People of color can now vote,
Kids sent to war who could not vote can today vote.
Those in the territories can serve in the military,
but cannot  vote for a President.

100,000 taken off the voting lists
in Florida  (1999) for having
names similar to
convicted felons names
taken off voting registration lists
by DBT Online ProChoice Inc.
of Atlanta Georgia funded
by the G.O.P.

The cost of freedom is vigilance;
The cost of justice is
the constant battle of seeking
and implementing remedies
to injustice.

The 1% will never
give up its power
without a fight.

“We the People”
only get what
we organize for.


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