Poem -

Verizon payment arrangement -

due november fifteenth two thousand nineteen

Verizon payment arrangement -

Yours truly long time
satisfactory Verizon customer
i.e. namely this monsieur
breathes easy, cuz within noggin
contentment doth whir
billing agent pleasant as
Mister Rogers neighbor.

Great relief pending bill
$148.80, she did defer
'pon my explaining
lack of adequate funds
I did forthrightly inform her
social security disability

electronically deposited door
ring first week of next month
and without dad dough of shout for sure
upon being told, I got no cell phone,
she (courteous billing representative)
waived attendant fee
reflexive generous extempore,

such simple random act of kindness
suffused within me to core
of central processing unit
circuits comprising fatherboard decor
rum lit up analogous to Christmas tree
generating sense and sensibility of euphoria

buoying spirits in severe contrast wherefore
once pawn time... couple nights backs,
I got attacked courtesy small escritoire
after losing balance attempting to stand
from crouched position immediately more
than less unsteadily, veritably, wobbly...

fell back felt desk corner explore
right side ribcage felt brunt edge bore
ring into body, yet
dressed to keep warm
blunt right angle wood frame did score
jabbing, nearly goring thru jacket
feeling searing pain shoot pour

ling as if struck with lightning
resigned to crawl crablike fore
word bracing lower body
while daggers of agony
did not lesson, I did implore
in vain sincerely your deplore
hubble basketcase - reed
no repeat performance nor encore!

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