Poem -



What are these voices in my head?
Lecherous notions darkly bled
Fallen angels caress my feet,
Β Whispers seep corrupt deceit.

Restraints of satanical bind,
Damnation haunts befuttled mind
Out infernal possessive bane,
Enchanted by demonic chain

Devilish croon ravishes ear,
Disclosing things too wicked to hear.
Desire beats at every doubt
Maiden scapegoat, bleeds out.

Wanton ruination remains,
Essences coveted in my veins.
Heat betwixt thighs unbreachable,
Escape impossibly unreachable.

Brimstone labyrinth ascension,
Prayers offer no redemption.
Evil scratches paradise lost,
Mandating a mortal cost.

Tangled in linens, befell to floor,
Cold apprehension hardcore.
Benevolent mercy coaxes back,
Respite from unholy attack.

Foul taste of hellfire crud,
Voices howl for virgin blood.
Damned by a torturous spell,
Diablo bound me to hordes of hell.

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Greg Etsell

I always love your writeing its always dark I wanted
to write poem called voices but I never got around to it

Richard Waters

YOU ONLY LISTEN TO THE " VOICES OF REASON " !! Do you not ? Why, in hell's name, would you do anything else ? You, have to admit that "rhyme and reason " have to come to the " party " !! Don't they ?
Your intellectual stimuli benefit from distinctive clarification from experiences, beyond the " everyday mainstream " consideration. In " WAR AND PEACE " it is better to transcend " maternity " for replacement " allegory " !!! :) :) !
The hypothetical translations of speech and text relay symbiotic or non-symbiotic collusion, to put want above " FRAILTY, IN EXPECTATION " !! Live, from moment to moment learning from " communication transmitters ", as you go. What a " buzz " !! Don't you think ?
FREE THE SPIRIT. LISTEN, AND INTERPRET, THE MIND. And its " folly " or " jolly " !!!! :) :) You, do not wish to be considered something you are not. Or do you ? Interesting conversation-starter, here. LEAVE, " FLIGHTS OF FANCY ", WELL ALONE. Unless, you like that type, of thing. And what it has to say. :) :)
Neat deliberations on where " characterization " comes from.
Loving, your style. If, it is known what that is.( :) )Β  GET THE THRUST HERE. I am sure you will. The main points are obvious, to someone like you. N.B " Variety is the spice of life. " Is it not ? !!! :)
XX Take care, please.Β  :)