Poem -

We Leave Our Souls Behind

I don’t want to understand society;
Nor even humanity.
Truth is in the saying: “Ignorance is bliss”.
Never can I put my finger on what makes true love’s first kiss.

Human beings have too much power,
But can be cunning and dainty, like a snowflake shower.
A boy buys a girl an ice cream cone, buying himself a broken loser.
A girl buys herself thicker makeup, covering up the bruises.

People look down on people who look up.
People reject those in love.
We throw those up; out of the hole we’re in, those with a strong mind.
They pull us out with them, but we leave our souls behind.

We claim to live our lives, and don’t claim to just exist.
Believe in karma or not, you get out what you put in.
And we hate on those of whom we’re jealous with, with our fists.

We tell each other we shouldn’t judge, yet by this or not, we judge ourselves.
We say we should accept all people when we can’t accept our best friends.
Those who are rich demand more right and bask in their own delights.
When that quiet girl from her struggling family is sexually tortured and lives in a nightmare.
We make ourselves believe that of which is not important and should instead fly kites.

We ignore those who beg to be put to sleep.
We spit on those who plead of insanity.
Yet we are the ones insane and wake up to smell the forest purple rain.

We demand respect when it must be earned, no matter how old you are.
Water sprinkles out of what we build: fountains.
When underweight children starve up in dangerous green mountains.

With our supposed friends, we kiss razors.
We attempt to design stars under a sun that blazes.
Beside, those scary trees hover, that dark road we’re down racing.
Those trees become true friends with your heart, that you left remaining.