Poem -

we will succeed

!message from the Queen_

we will succeed

we will succeed

do what we need to survive
thus said the queen
wearing her best tiara
from her front room
in Windsor Castle

though thousands have already died
and undoubtedly thousands more will
we pay tribute to those folks among us
who work hard to thwart its impact

doctors and nurses
low-paid care workers
bus drivers
pharmacists and divers
public servants

to them we give our heartfelt thanks
and to all the boys and girls who drive
our tanks and protect our great country

from our enemies

I don’t know where
I don’t know when
I’ll speak to you again
though I know that when I do
it will be a time
for thanksgiving
a national celebration

on a par with nineteen forty when
we fought off the naughty Germans
though this time it isn’t them

it’s coronavirus germs

so hold your heads high
mateys it’s time to plant
potatoes and tomatoes
spend hours in your gardens
amongst shrubs and flowers
though not if freezing outside
nor in April’s cold showers

too soon we’ll be into May
when we can spend our days
finishing seeding
digging and weeding
mowing the lawn
creosoting the fence
hanging out the washing
and even sunbathing

and when June comes along
Its my second birthday by the way
you can all burst into song
hold parties on every street
throughout our great nation

in a massive my second birthday
and coronavirus victory celebration

@ rowland paul hill   6 april  2020  v1

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A morale booster at a stressful, fearful time in the history of the U K and the world.