Poem -

Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow

I shall e’er weep for thee,
β€˜Neath willow melancholy.
Amidst mossy stone,
Grave restlessness attone.

Fly me to a moon and star,
Offer shelter afar.
Β Alight upon heaven's floor
Miles vast to celestial door

Heaven's forget-me-not blue,
Eyes of beloved true
Benevolent mercy, solace me,
Balm tis sodden plea.

Heartless angels turn away,
Bereft, fervently I pray.
Prithee rent tragic plight,
Bear me to brilliant light.

Torrents implore me,
Love yearns to trek thee.
I solemnly bid, embrace me,
Abreast waters melancholy.

Lilt pelagic refrain
Β Lull forsaken bane
Amongst star and moon,
I yield to serene tune

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Silent Dreamer

Painfully beautiful, you spoke to my heart. I love this!😊

Silent Dreamer

That's beautiful though! It makes for magical pieces😊

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Oh! I had to pin this!Β  I love weeping willow trees....adore mine.Β  They seem to sympathize with our somber moods in a comforting sway....Love it! xo

Ian William

Beautifully expressed, Poetess! This speaks deeply to my own melancholic temperament!