Poem -

What can I claim

Can I claim my independence, can I lay a claim to sanity, shoot the devil on my shoulder, lay down with less regret. Claimed is that what made her yours, or  strain on the misguided. Can I claim to be clever, a  freak survival, a type of darkened joy. What do I want to claim, clarify, condemn, convince, convict. What's left to do, whom is there yet to need me. Do you haft to make claims that might come into sight. Does  claiming something show insight. Call each other names but have no faith in outlandish claims. Or Humanity will be claimed by oblivion. 

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Wow super poetic questions as you muse the situation and it sounds doleful and wry which many can relate to. Then it ends in a great fab line  as well,. Kudos for the poetry.!

plz pleez do read and comment on my newest poem too, plz don't forget to.