Poem -

Death What Dreams

Death What Dreams

What dreams than shall death bring?
Or shall it just be the blackest night?
Where we lay without sleep or breath.
Where we know no one ever again.
Shall I relish this thought for years to come?

IT is a cruel purpose
 this knowledge from that
sacred tree 

I have seen far lesser tortures than this

IT appears that death has no comment
No approach or decency no ability to be turned
Like a runaway train full throttle
or a cruise ship ful
l steam ahead

Death sits with us on our happiest  days
With its aura of
see even this happy time
is framed by death

We run from his embrace and seek distraction
To keep us from dwelling on the icy truth
To make the inevitable  day farther out 
To keep him at arms length. 
To keep his somber presence at bay
a little longer,,,,,,

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Marion Price

I like this Violet, I'd never thought of it as cruel before but you made me think. Yes it actually is cruel that we are consciously able to know and wait for such time as we won't exist!! Very thought provoking write 💕