Poem -

What Is Beauty To Me

What Is Beauty To Me

What is beauty to me?

Beauty is the walk of a woman in heels

The swing and sway of her hips

The subtle uncertainty of her steps

The vulnerability in her eyes

As she feels all the staring eyes

Devouring her beauty

There is nothing more charming

Than the little girl look in her eyes

As she enjoys the attention

But at the same time is uncomfortable

In the role of a seductress

What is beauty to me?

The sweet woman smell as she approaches

Nothing in the whole world

Either natural or manufactured

Can even come close to equaling

This ravishing potion that says, love

In no uncertain terms, the message comes through

Loud and clear without a word being spoken

As males of the species

We are uncontrollably under her spell

What is beauty to me?


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

What a very romantic and sentimental portrayal of a woman...It is nice to know that women are still revered by some....lol....A man has a very important role to a woman too... ;)  Love n Hugs

Jack Ellison

Good morning dear Cherie!!! What a romantic guy, eh! LOL That's me... Mr.Mushy! Love to you this morning... Happy Jack XOX