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Where it comes from

Thoughts come out your mouth. Fear and sadness come out your eyes . Broken pieces of you come out sometimes. Oh yeah more, goes into your loins whereĀ  possibilitys come out of . Shaken to the core rattled in them bones , comes out of your pores . What happened to get you to such a desperate beg . Thought of how to talk your way out of it . Sick of all the tears , put the junk in fire .where does it come from this will to carry on . I have seen it in the close onesĀ  , guidence with Grace . WhatĀ  to do when harshness comes , the hard exposure , does it make them haveĀ  hardiness all that distress .who's stronger after a fall , which ones the know it all . Experience comes with a cost , many are lost .Ā Ā 

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