Poem -

Who are you?

Who are you?

What was once a deep felt ocean

Is now a hole burning with fire

Your eyes don't say nothing no more

You have success but are you rich inside or torn

You fuel what you want to feed

A dark side, bright side

Shining light, darkness hides

You choose to be, to be one of those two

But one is far more present

When that is not entirely you

Is who you're hiding who you really want to be

Are you afraid to open up, speak to me

The feelings are lost but are they really

You never worked through them, just threw it away

Like it was never there in the first place

Is that how a man acts, is that your advice

Come on, you know better than to waste your time twice

Listen to your heart and seek peace and devotion

Or run after satan like you're God's opponent

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