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Be careful what you wish for , it might  come true in 20 years when you wish for it no more . Be careful what you say you want , it might come true and shock even you . Be never a non wisher they are still available . If one wishes for love may it be granted . If one wishes for change maybe be more specific . If one wishes for others needs to be met  .Then be sure it's not a big deal wish . If one wishes for world Peace then we should all hope that comes true . Be careful what you you wish for future you it's the child's innocent wish that's powerful like ones made by adults   desperate cry . If you have ever wished someone dead , you most likely had a good reason to do so . It might come true in a few years when you have forgiven . Careful wishes make sense . Careful wishes are a thoughts thrown out there for resolve , resolution , or to put something to rest . Never stop wishing for happy hour , day , month , years . 

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