Poem -

words left unspoken

In darkness there isn't always light
Behind every smile; it isn't always bright
Sometimes the happiest of faces; 
hide the darkest secrets
And the quietest of people have the worst of demons
It is claimed that silence is golden
But I think that's a lie
Because most words we leave uspoken
Are the ones we shouldn't hide.
Masks are easy to paste on
Feelings are easy to fake
Right up until the real ones are gone
And life's to much to take 
Deep down I am drowning
In the depths of diregard
And no one hears me screaming
Or sees how my heart is scarred
Even if I vocalized it
Struck out and spoke my mind
No one would ever come to admi
that I was the one left behind 
"unmedicated and unstable"
"moody" some would say
But what if I turned the table? Would I finally be OK?
OK is probably impractical
To unrealistic to be real
OK is probably just the casual
Mask to hide what you feel
Do you want a quick look into my life?
A sneakpeak into my mind?
Somehow I don't think you care enough
To ever be so kind.  
Sickened by my human interaction 
I push all those true far away
And even from the man Im in love with
I keep my darkest secrets at bay. 
I feel like nothing here's worth keeping
Possessions; they come and they go
And even the people I'm my life
Seem to want to be left to their own
Now I know what some of you are thinking
"this is dark.  Should we need to worry?"
Don't worry I'm not going to die while your bliking
I won't cause the end of my story
Suicide will never be my answer
I'm to much of a coward anyway
But this darkness; it's like cancer
And I know that it's here to stay.
Some say that silence is golden
But I know that it's a lie
Because all the words we leave unspoken
Are the ones we shouldn't hide

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