Poem -



In a world of perfection, 
There's no flaws or exceptions. 

Wouldn't that be nice? 

But this world wouldn't suffice. 

This world is too bitter and useless. 

We're all disgusting and ruthless. 

We have the opportunities but we don't, 

Because we're lazy and we won't. 

You can't deny, 

That even you won't ever try. 

Yes, you, 

It's true. 



I would love to move to a place

Where nobody knows my name and face. 

Because this town knows me all too well, 

I'm under their sick little spell. 

What am I doing here? 

There's nothing near. 

It's just a shit town, 

It makes me frown. 

Apparently, I'm too crazy for them, 

And I can't escape it when

Everyone is guilty, everyone. 

Hugo, why are you so dumb? 


I'm writing this poem just so you know, 

That everyone I see, everywhere I go, 

I get judged by ignorant assholes. 

They don't know me though. 

They try to get inside my head, 

Then attempt me to get in their bed. 

I guess men have no respect anymore,

Us women are just whores. 

So girls, don't be fooled by that pretty face. 

It's not their body you should want to taste. 

Personality is what it's all about. 

Am I making any sense to you now? 


This poem is very long, 

But you can't tell me I'm wrong. 

This world is so screwed up, 

I'm not making it up

Like they say I am, 

But I still try and try again. 

What's the use? 

Who's to blame? 

It'd be better if you didn't even know my name. 


In conclusion; girls, find the man, 

Who will love you the best he can. 

Who will treat you right, 

Never rage a fight. 

Women aren't tools you know, 

They have feelings although they might not show. 

So it's up to you to write her, 

Everyday, stand beside her. 

Love her unconditionally, 

She's not a mannequin, you see? 

She's a girl, 

And she should be your world. 


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Tony Taylor

Wow!! This is intense KARIANNE!!....I felt like I was reading your personal diary!!..... Filled with a kind of subtle poetic rage...... But I have to say I found it truly compelling.... with the intermittent dialogue and the idea that Love can still be found even in a small town with so many apparent assholes (as you put it).......ALL STARS!!....thanx for sharing this piece of homespun poetic prose!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 👍✴😊

Karianne Gabaldon

Thank you very much. And yes, love can be found anywhere. But right now I'm not even looking in that direction. I've got enough on my plate (lol).