Poem -

Your Expectations

Your Expectations

Expectations. That’s a funny word. Expectations.
Because, when you say that word to me,
it’s as if you are implying that you want more
That it isn’t good enough.
That I’m not good enough.

Your expectations fly high.
Fly high to the moon.
To the stars and beyond.
To infinity and beyond.

But me?
I can’t keep up.
I’m still here on the earth, on solid ground,
figuring out how to pilot a ship that I
have no license to.

It’s frustrating
and you,
you don’t get it,
because, you’re way up there,
and I’m way down here.

From way up there,
you look down on me.
You look down
Down with that face of yours
saying I’m disappointed.

And not because I haven’t moved an inch on that ship,
but because I don’t know how.

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Well written keep writing angel

Katina Woodruff...

To me it reads like you are standing in a barren field, looking up at the night sky, seeking answers from a higher power, or maybe from a friend or family member who has passed on. We all think about being accepted for who we are, especially in terms of faith. Like there is someone in a magical heaven, with a data entry specialist, keeping score of all our imperfections. I think, when we meet our higher power one day, he'll just be stretching out his loving arms to let us know, "you survived Earth," now come on home. Where all your sins have been paid for already. Just my initial take on reading it the first time. I hope I'm on the right track. Great poem. Thanks for sharing it. 

Rebecca Payne

I loved every line I came to. Too often, others act like we aren't enough even when are trying so hard to get them to approve of us. This poem described so many scenarios in my own life and that's one of the things that made it such a great read. Thank you!