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Your Inner Voice

Your Inner Voice

Even during the least happy times in our lives

It is never so unhappy that we should ever lose hope

Whoever said, “Tomorrow is another day”

Had the secret to a happy life

Another is, “Don't sweat the small stuff”

So simple yet so obvious, it makes a whole lot of sense

I don't have any secrets or special potion that I take

But after living for 8 decades, there are certain things

That makes a whole lot of sense and a lot that don't

It's knowing which is which and choosing

The ones that your inner voice tells you to listen to

It makes a hell of a lot of sense!

They say with age comes wisdom which is true to a degree

But at any age, it's your inner voice

That should always help you make the right choices

However, talking to your inner voice in public

Can cause some very strange looks indeed


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Lol I talk out lod as well lol love this poem reality strikes a cord  
I been around 6 decades can relate my motto one day at a time
and don't forget to take the trash lol oh yeah almost forgot
if God  be with you who can be against you linda angel 

Jack Ellison

"Don't forget to take the trash out" LOL One of those important things in life!!! Aside from that, everything is "cool" eh! Happy that this one connected with you... love, Happy Jack XOX

Terry Kay

Happy Jack,. I'm going to remember all this wisdom.  I always say,. That's not a worry for today!  Today's a good day!  Love you, Terry Kay

Jack Ellison

If there's anything in my writings that inspires you or makes you laugh, then I have accomplished my goal and reason for writing, dear Terry! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Love from the frozen north! (smile) Yummy love, Happy Jack XOX