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You're a bully - You're my friend

You're a bully - You're my friend

That one, you know the kind
The one that goes and speaks his mind
The one that makes others businesses his own
Yet he doesn't know when to leave you alone
He's the kind that makes you smile
And gives you emotions that you can't file
This one's the kind of boy who changes you
And every second you see him from a different view

There is so much that I want to say 
About the love and hate, you made this way
You're the kind that hurts deep down
But I have to smile and hide my frown
That hate in your heart for me I feel
The sly comments, the looks; all very real
It's these feelings you give me that make me mad
You then do something not so bad

I wish I could explain 
All my smiles that hide the pain
I can't tell you just how much it hurts me
Humiliating me for the world to see
Then you say "friends?" like I should say yes
But trust me you haven't seen the best
I could have had anyone but there's you...
The boy that won't grow up and has made a warm heart blue

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