Story -

A long night ...

When you are given a historic mission . A task , One day you will recount to your children . You need to make preparations . So far little had gone smoothly . The men had gone queasy about killing the women . The clean executions had turned into a bloodbath , much more difficult than planned .
Now time was against us too , In a northern Summer , Darkness does not last long . It gave us little scope for burials . We did not want anyone to know hence using night as our cloak . But was it my tired eyes , Or were there already signs of daylight coming ?
The lorry (probably overladen) got stuck again . I dispatched men to help free it . Tired , Cursing , Almost certainly drunk , They had been mostly incompetentĀ  . A man (also drunk and who had behaved like a savage) came up to me on horseback . I listened and watched as he tried to recall where we had arranged their disposal . He told me , In the dark , It's easy to get confused in the forest .

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